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AX2012 Cumulative Update 9 (CU9) upgrade screen dump

The upgrade process is fairly straight forward, especially if you have done code merging before. This is just a screen dump of the install process so you'll know what to expect.

Make sure you have the following update installed before running the installer:

Report Viewer 2012:

Impact analysis wizard can determine what objects and methods have code conflicts and the related methods.. I would recommend skipping the Impact Analysis Wizard and pushing on with the upgrade since it will overwrite your baseline database.

(Impact Analysis Wizard)

(Impact Analysis Wizard)

(Impact Analysis Wizard)

(Impact Analysis Wizard)

(Impact Analysis Wizard)

(Impact Analysis Wizard)

(Impact Analysis Wizard)

Back to AX Installer:

Here you can save the downloaded updates as a .axupdate file so you wont need to download them again for each install:

Team explorer is needed only if doing automatically resolve code conflicts.

Install “Team Explorer for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012” if not already installed

Make sure that you have restored the baseline database from a copy of the model database before running the code upgrade. The copy should be from immedialty before running the CU9 installer so shouldn't have any CU9 objects in it. Baseline database is like the "old" aod folder for earlier versions of AX.

Initialize the modelstore:

Open AX:

Run through all the steps in the checklist. This can be opened from the system administration menu if it doesnt show up.

Manual steps of comparing and upgrading code:

Make sure batch server is configured for data upgrade


Data Upgrade:

If you want to migrate the upgrade you can install the kernel updates from the downloaded .axupdate file, then you can copy and restore the modelstore database for the application updates.

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